Entries by Sarah Krause

God, Whose Giving Knows No Ending

Download Audio God, whose giving knows no ending, from your rich and endless store: nature’s wonder, Jesus wisdom, costly cross, grave’s shattered door gifted by you, we turn to you, offering up ourselves in praise; thankful songs shall rise forever, gracious donor of our days. Skills and time are ours for pressing toward the goals […]

Brothers, Sisters, Let Us Gladly

Download Audio Brothers, sisters, let us gladly give to God our all, our best: service hearty, thorough, honest, with a living love impressed. All our duty, all our striving, all our time to him belong; praise him, then, with true devotion, come before him with a song. By his mercy, by his bounty, by the […]

Christ High-Ascended

Download Audio Christ high-ascended, now in glory seated, throned and exalted, victory completed, death’s dread dominion finally defeated, we are his witnesses. Christ, from the Father every power possessing, who on his chosen lifted hands in blessing, sends forth his servants, still in faith confessing, we are his witnesses. Christ, who in dying won for […]

I Love to Tell the Story

Download Audio I love to tell the story of unseen things above, of Jesus and his glory, of Jesus and his love. I love to tell the story because I know it s true; it satisfies my longings as nothing else can do. A seasonal stanza may be sung. I love to tell the story, […]

Hark, the Voice of Jesus Crying

Download Audio Hark, the voice of Jesus crying, Who will go and work today? Fields are ripe and harvests waiting; who will bear the sheaves away? Loud and long the Master calleth; rich reward he offers thee. Who will answer, gladly saying, Here am I, send me, send me? If you cannot speak like angels, […]

Rise, Shine, You People

Download Audio Rise, shine, you people! Christ the Lord has entered our human story; God in him is centered. He comes to us, by death and sin surrounded, with grace unbounded. See how he sends the powers of evil reeling; he brings us freedom, light and life and healing. All men and women, who by […]

I Hear the Savior Calling

Download Audio I hear the Savior calling! The gospel comes to me; my eyes, once closed in blindness, are opened now to see that I myself was helpless to live eternally, but, dying, Christ did save me, and now he calls for me! I hear the Savior calling! He leads a soul to me, a […]

On Galilee’s High Mountain

Download Audio On Galilee’s high mountain Christ gave the great command in words of strength and promise which all can understand: All power to me is given to do what I shall choose; therefore I send my children, their witness I will use. The Lord, who, born of Mary, came down as man and died, […]

We Have a Gospel to Proclaim

Download Audio We have a gospel to proclaim, good news for all throughout the earth, the gospel of a Savior’s name; we sing his glory, tell his worth. Tell of his birth at Bethlehem, not in a royal house or hall, but in a stable dark and dim, the Word made flesh, a light for […]

O God, My Faithful God

Download Audio O God, my faithful God, O Fountain ever flowing, who good and perfect gifts in mercy are bestowing, give me a healthy frame, and may I have within a conscience free from blame, a soul unhurt by sin. Grant me the strength to do with ready heart and willing whatever you command, my […]