• Short anecdotes based on the experience of a missionary to the Apache Indians.


  • Lillian Bates whose family lives at a remote lighthouse, struggles with envy and loving others. While solving an island mystery she learns that love is a Fruit of the Spirit. (Children of the Light Series, book 1)

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These audio books are available on thumb drive or audio cassette from MVI:

  • A BRIDE FOR DONNIGAN by Jeanette Oke. A young “mail-order” bride crosses the ocean to marry a man she did not know.
  • CHRISTMAS AT HOME by John M. Drickamer. A touching story about Christmas experiences.
  • DRUMS OF CHANGE: THE STORY OF RUNNING FAWN by Jeanette Oke. A girl of the Blackfoot tribe is forced to go to a reservation where she is confused by the white people’s culture and their God.
  • A FEUD WITH GOD by Lydia Heerman. A young woman’s struggle with faith, hope and love leads her into a feud with God.
  • GREEN AS IN SPRINGTIME by Linda Jane Niedfeldt. An eager young woman faces challenges in a strange new country and shows her Christian strength.
  • THE KIDS NOBODY LIKES. An entertaining story for kids in the middle and upper grades.
  • LA PALOMA by Gustav Harders. A missionary to the Apaches makes some Mexican friends as he tries to share the gospel among the people around him.
  • THE MAN WHO WORRIED, by John M Drickamer. A man who worries about the end of the world finds comfort in reading Scripture.
  • PILLOW FACE. Enchanting stories for the little one in your family.
  • RED AS IN RUSSIA AND MEASLES AND LOVE by Linda Jane Niedfeldt. A Russian girl leaves her homeland to find religious freedom in the U.S.
  • THE RED GERANIUM by Jeanette Oke. A boy struggles to understand his grandmother’s illness and his discovery of a gift with the power to heal.
  • THE WOMAN WHO CARED by John M Drickamer.