Now Available on the MVI Catalog

These audio books are available on thumb drive or audio cassette from MVI:

  • DEAR MISTER MISSIONARY by Ernst H. Wendland. Letters between a missionary to Africa and his friends back home captures the life of a Twentieth Century missionary in a heartwarming way.
  • IBIBIO: THE LIFE AND LETTERS OF BILL AND LEOLA SCHWEBBE IN AFRICA by Ernst H. Wendland. The story of the Wisconsin Synod’s first missionary to Africa 1930’s – 1960’s.
  • NIGERIAN SAFARI OF OTHER GODS AND OTHER SPIRITS by Ernst H. Wendland. The lives, hopes and fears of the people of Central Africa.
  • TO AFRICA WITH LOVE by Ernst H. Wendland. A captivating account of WELS mission work in Central Africa. C,T
  • THE WELS FORTY-NINERS By Edgar H. Hoenecke. the exploratory expedition to Africa in 1949 by Pastors Edgar H. Hoenecke and Arthur G. Wacker. C,T
  • WHY SO MANY CHURCHES by Victor Prange. A survey of church history form 1054 to the Twentieth Century. C,T