Now Available on the MVI Catalog

These audio books are available on thumb drive or audio cassette from MVI:

  • ANGELS: MIGHTY SERANTS OF GOD by Richard E. Warnke. The Bible’s teachings about the characterists and activities of God’s good angels and the evil angels.
  • AUGSBURG CONFESSION – A study of the Lutheran statement of faith and it’s meaning for today C,T
  • BE PREPARED TO ANSWER by Roland C Ehlke. A book that helps you defend your faith.
  • THE CHRISTIAN FAITH – A summary of Christian teachings. C,T
  • THE CROSS AND THE COMMON MAN – An explanation of everyday Christianity for everyday people. C,T
  • DIFFERENT GOSPELS A Bible study course exposing the false teachings of various religious sects in America.
  • CHURCH FELLOWSHIP: WORKING TOGETHER FOR THE TRUTH (People’s Bible Teaching series) by John Brug. A thorough
    study of Scripture’s teaching on church fellowship,
  • GOD’S PROVIDENCE: HE CARES FOR YOU (People’s Bible Teaching series) by Mark J. Lenz. A study of how God supports, provides, protects, directs, and governs everything that happens.
  • GROWING UP ALL ALONE: TEENAGERS’ SUICIDE by Rhonda Marie. A book about suicide, a leading cause of death among youth.
  • GUIDANCE FROM GOD’S WORD by Armin W. Schuetze. Simple answer from Scripture for difficult questions on doctrine and practice.
  • THE HOLY GHOST AND HIS WORK: A BIBLE STUDY COURSE FOR ADULTS by Siebert W. Becker. A penetrating study of the person and work of the God the Holy Spirit. C,T
  • INSPIRATION AND INERRANCY A series of six lectures on the source and nature of the Bible. C,T
  • I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW by Paul E. Kelm. Brief Biblical explanations on more than 70 topics including abortion, alcoholism,
  • Bible translations, capital punishment, charismatics, cremation, decision theology, divorce, false prophets, homosexuality, millennialism, organ transplants, predestination and suicide.
  • LIBERALISM: IT’S CAUSE AND CURE: THE POISONING OF AMERICAN CHRISTIANITY AND THE ANTIDOTE by Gregory L. Jackson. A description of problems of modern Christianity and prescription of a solution in the means of grace. C,T
  • LUTHER AND PRAYER by Martin E. Lehmann. Dr. Lehmann pens the door to Luther’s sanctuary, exploring the great Reformer’s theology of prayer. C,T
  • LUTHER’S SMALL CATECHISM by David P. Kuske. WELS Catechism published in 1982.
  • MAN AND WOMAN IN GOD’S WORLD A study of the roles of men and women prepared for the WELS Conference of Presidents.
  • MARKS OF THE NAIL: A SURVEY OF EVIDENCE FOR CHRISTIANITY by Allen Quist. A book of Christian apologetics (defending the Christian faith). C,T
  • A MATTER OF DEATH AND LIFE by George R. Brueggemann. C,T
  • MODERN MORAL DILEMMAS: SCRIPTURE ADDRESSES TODAY’S ISSUES by Wayne D. Mueller. Guidance from the Bible for difficult situations where the choices may be hard. C,T
  • ONE PLUS ONE EQUALS by Palmer L. Gedde. A helpful guide for married couples.
  • PRAY, CHRISTIAN, PRAY! PRAYER IN THE LIFE OF THE CHRISTIAN by Arthur J. Clement. An informative and entertaining book on prayer as an essential part of Christian life. C,T
  • A SIMPLE WAY TO PRAY by Martin Luther. Luther’s classic short description of prayer, written for his barber.
  • SPEAKING THE TRUTH IN LOVE TO MORMONS by Mark J Cares. An explanation of Mormon theology and life and how to reach out in love. C,T
  • SPEAKING THE UNSPEAKABLE: HOMOSEXUALITY–A BIBLICAL AND MODERN PERSPECTIVE by Richard D. Starr. A grace-filled, Scriptural message on homosexuality, including a chapter on AIDS.
  • STUDY OF MARRIAGE, DIVORCE, MALICIOUS DESERTION AND REMARRIAGE IN THE LIGHT OF GOD’S WORD – A study that applies Biblical teaching to the subject of marriage. C,T
  • TEN COMMANDMENTS FOR TODAY: GOD’S GUIDANCE FOR ALL SITUATIONS by William A. Kramer. A look at the Ten Commandments with modern applications.
  • THIS WE BELIEVE A statement of the doctrinal position of the Wisconsin Synod on recent controversies. C,T
  • A TIME FOR EVERYTHING by Bonnie Wasser.
    guide to Christian marriage.
  • THE WAY A brief survey of Christian teaching, tracing the message of the Gospel through the Old and New Testaments. C,T
  • THE WONDERS OF GOD by Paul E. Eickmann. A basic manual of Christian doctrine, useful for adults joining the Lutheran church
  • WELS AND OTHER LUTHERANS by John F. Brug. Describes doctrinal differences and developments in major and smaller Lutheran church bodies in the US C,T
  • WIZARDS THAT PEEP by Dr. Siebert Becker. A comprehensive survey of the occult and an examination of it on the basis of God’s Word. C,T
  • WOMEN, PRODIGAL EQUALS: CAN WE BE EQUAL AND SUBMISSIVE? by Betty Kloha. A Christian reflects on the Scriptural teachings regarding women.